J. Capitão at ECCE 2023

14th European Congress of Chemical Engineering| Berlin, Germany

September 17-21, 2023

In a recent gathering of scientific minds, Berlin played host to the ECCE 14 & ECAB 7 conference, a platform where researchers and industry experts delved into the realms of chemical engineering, biotechnology, and bioprocessing. Organized by DECHEMA e.V. in collaboration with EFCE and ESBES, the event provided a space for insightful discussions, addressing challenges and fostering advancements crucial for a sustainable economy.

During the conference, leading scientists and researchers from Europe and beyond engaged in fruitful discussions, exploring the latest research and industrial applications across chemistry, process engineering, biotechnology, and related areas. The conference’s focus on applied research and development facilitated interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

This edition of ECCE 14 & ECAB 7 proved to be a significant moment for the European chemical engineering and biotechnology community, effectively bridging the gap between research and industrial practice. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in engaging discussions led by high-profile international plenary and keynote speakers, explore an industry exhibition, and connect through poster exhibitions and networking events.

Adding to the enriching content, Jeffrey Capitão from the University of Porto contributed a talk titled “Upscaling Photoelectrochemical Cells: The Challenge and the Challenger.” His presentation shed light on cutting-edge developments in the field, contributing to the overall discourse and fostering collaboration.