University of Porto

Faculty of Engineering

Adélio Mendes

Full Professor

Seyedali Emami

Junior Researcher

Dzmitry Ivanou

Principal Researcher

Tânia Lopes

Assistant Researcher

Paula Dias

Junior Researcher

Jorge Martins


Rúben Madureira


Marta Pereira


Eliana Loureiro


Jeffrey Capitão


About the University of Porto

With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the University of Porto (UP) is currently one the most prestigious Higher Education Institutions of Europe. It has close to 33 000 students, 2 567 Academic & Scientific Staff along with 1 625 administrative staff within its 15 schools and 49 scientific research units, spread across 3 university campuses located in the city of Porto.

The Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) is the largest faculty of UP, with about 8570 students and 750 teaching staff and researchers across 9 departments. It is located in the Asprela Campus, the main university campus in the city of Porto. FEUP hosts 8 R&D centers that promote the development of innovative technological solutions.

At Diamond project, UP is represented by the Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy (LEPABE); an R&D center hosted at FEUP. Established in 1998, LEPABE is an interdisciplinary group, with 3 pillars of development: Sustainability and Energy, Processes and Products, Environment and Health.

The Diamond project will be developed at Prof. Adelio Mendes’s laboratory in LEPABE. Prof. Mendes leads the Energy, Processes and Products research line at LEPABE, where several research topics such as fuel cells (PEMFC and DMFC), photocatalysis, photovoltaic solar cells (dye sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells), photoelectrochemical cells for solar water splitting and charging of redox flow batteries, redox flow batteries and methanol steam reforming, are studied.