Tor Vergata


Aldo Di Carlo

Full Professor

Luigi Vesce

Senior Researcher

About Tor Vergata

In 2006, the University of Rome Tor Vergata has funded with the Lazio Region the “Centre for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy” (CHOSE). The main objectives are the research and development of organic and hybrid organic-inorganic technologies by defining a technological process that can be transferred to industry. CHOSE has more than 1000 sqm (300 sqm ISO8 class) of laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry out advanced research on hybrid and organic photovoltaic technology. In particular, the laboratory has been set up with a vast range of equipment to fabricate (laser systems, coating/printing machines, glove-box, press laminator, sputter, furnaces) and test (SEM, solar simulator, light soaker, climate chamber, advanced device characterization) dye sensitized, perovskite and polymeric technologies on cells and modules (glass and plastic substrates). CHOSE is member of the EERA-PV platform and GRAPHENE Flagship and spun-out 5 companies working in the field of PV and related technologies/applications. CHOSE designed and developed for Permasteelisa company, a world leader in the field of glass facades for building, a Pilot Line for fabrication of Dye Solar cell integrated in facades (DYEPOWER). CHOSE participates to different H2020 and national projects on perovskite modules and perovksite/silicon tandem (IMPRESSIVE, ESPRESSO, GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP, UNIQUE, APOLO).