Lukas Wagner at HOPV23

Lukas Wagner attends the 15th Edition of HOPV

International Conference on Hybrid & Organic Photovoltaics 2023| London, UK

June 12-14, 2023

Lukas Wagner, a senior scientist from the The Philipp University of Marburg, delivered a captivating oral presentation titled “Are there enough materials for terawatt-scale perovskite PV?” at the prestigious #HOPV2023 conference. This renowned event focuses on the development, function, and modeling of materials and devices for hybrid and organic solar cells, including perovskite, organic, quantum dot, and dye-sensitized cells, as well as their integration into complementary devices such as photoelectrochemical water splitting.
Leveraging his expertise in perovskite solar cells with carbon electrodes, advanced photoluminescence-based characterization techniques, and sustainability assessments in energy technologies, Lukas Wagner explored the crucial question of material availability in achieving terawatt-scale perovskite PV. His insightful presentation addressed the associated challenges and shed light on the feasibility of such a large-scale implementation.
With his profound understanding and expertise, Lukas Wagner made a valuable contribution to the field of hybrid and organic photovoltaics at #HOPV2023, while also disseminating the DIAMOND Horizon EU Project.