Maria Loi at IUPAC Congress

Maria Loi as invited speaker at IUPAC|CHAINS2023

IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2023 | Den Haag, Netherlands

August 22, 2023

The IUPAC WORLD CHEMISTRY CONGRESS 2023 took place in The Hague in August 2023. The conference, themed ‘Connecting Chemical Worlds,’ brought together chemists from various disciplines, both from academia and industry, and from around the world. In addition to plenary and keynote lectures, the congress featured parallel sessions with oral presentations, working group meetings, and poster presentations by junior and senior researchers.

Maria A. Loi participated in The Smart and Energy Materials session, delivering a presentation titled “Opportunity and challenges of Sn-based metal halide perovskites.” This session focused on the design, synthesis, and characterization of materials with enhanced responses to external stimuli, suitable for applications in electrochemistry, electronics, optoelectronics, and electromechanics. These applications encompassed energy storage, hydrogen production, photovoltaics, energy harvesting, electrochromic applications, sensing, and actuating. In addition to materials synthesis, the session emphasized computational and theoretical developments for materials design, along with advanced characterization techniques. The overarching theme aimed to address current challenges in understanding the effects of atomic structure, nano- and mesoscale architecture, surface properties, defect generation, (meta-)stability, and kinetics on the desired properties.